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A well circulated and healthy airflow is essential for safety and health. Whether you need a ventilation system to provide a constant supply of fresh air or to maintain temperature, our experts are always there to help you. Well-designed ventilation can make your environment much more comfortable. Here at STAG SERVICES, our experts are highly qualified and experienced in installing and designing systems that sort out ventilation problems comprehensively and efficiently.

So whether you need work or workplace ventilation systems, we have the right solution. Our experienced experts can advise on the best location and units to make the most of air circulation in your workplace in installing ventilation systems. Whether your premises are industrial, retail, offices, hospitality or any other building type, our experience and expertise can guarantee the most suitable ventilation installation. We install ventilation solutions of all sizes. Keep your employees safe and healthy with a ventilation system from STAG SERVICES.

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Delivering Exceptional Service

Moreover, Our qualified engineers have a wealth of experience installing and designing systems for domestic and commercial ventilation in the West Midlands. Ventilation is installed with the use of ducting. It is used to extract dust, fumes, and general air cleansing. This is especially important today with COVID19. If your business is located in West Midlands, and you need an emergency repair for your commercial ventilation system.

Our expert team is ready to assist your ventilation system as quickly as possible. Moreover, we have many years of experience in maintaining and repairing ventilation systems. We feel proud of delivering exceptional service and helping our customers. Providing ventilation in the workplace is a legal requirement and one that everyone is even more aware of since COVID. 

Our Services Include:

Ventilation Services

Ventilation is essential for the HVAC system, health, safety, and comfort to regulate air movement and indoor air quality. We install a variety of ventilation systems tailored and eliminate specific hazards. Ventilation can help your heating and air conditioning run more efficiently, while heat recovery systems give significant energy savings. If your commercial premises have a ventilation system that needs servicing or maintaining, then our expert engineers will ensure optimum performance from your system.

We Work In Various Sectors, Including:

Local Exhaust Ventilation

Our services are of top quality​ as we specialize in dust extraction and fumes. Moreover, we make sure you meet these requirements and comply with safety, work-related health and illness regulators. We are professionals in providing thorough tests and inspections to Local Exhaust Ventilation systems used to control fumes, airborne dust, and contamination at work.

Our regular testing ensures that our clients live and work in the safest environments possible. Using the high standards services, we advise on airborne contaminants at work. In expansion, we will service and install LEV (local extract ventilation) systems and improve, install new ducting systems or update the existing systems.


Heat Recovery Systems

We install and service heat recovery systems. Our company offers a vast range of high efficient Heat Recovery Systems (HRV). We will do everything to meet your expectations. In addition, we provide a variety of different solutions for newly built projects and residential developments. Heat Recovery Systems is focused on customer satisfaction and providing high-quality service.

Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems

The use of ventilation systems is becoming popular as they encourage energy efficiency and maintain temperature. The heat recovery ventilation units we provide offer all-year-round ventilation, as well as make sure that your home is healthy through maintaining stable humidity levels and eliminating condensation.

Benefits Of Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems

Some of the main benefits of Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems include:

Dehumidifiers And Humidifiers

Dry air can make your lips and skin feel chapped. A humidifier or dehumidifier from stag services is the most beneficial approach to improving air quality and restoring comfort in your rooms. Our professionals can help you locate the ideal energy-efficient product for your workplace.

Humidity Is Too Low

Dehumidifiers And Humidifiers

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