Air conditioning repair Shropshire

Stag Services provides the best air conditioning repair Shropshire services. Our company always considers comfort, space and lifetime cost when designing and installing air conditioning systems for you. Moreover, Our air conditioning systems will be professionally installed by experienced and qualified engineers. We provide the best repair solutions to many cooling and heating needs, this includes server rooms, open office plans, cooling of large industrial switchgear, conservatories and individual rooms in your house. With many years in the industry, we can overcome any problem or requirements our clients need. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and our quality of work and we always leave our sites clean and tidy.

Air conditioning repair services we provide:

Our experts undertake the procedure from start to finish. Your satisfaction is essential and helps us to repair the air conditioners. We have completed many air conditioning repair Shropshire projects. Furthermore, we have a full-time staff of expert technicians. They work under our professional team of surveyors and project majors. Our determination and focus both are centered around the client. With our experts and your vision, we make sure that your area will be cooled and Without a doubt, an air-conditioned environment can produce an atmosphere where everyone can live effectively. Stag services provide full-service that reward you with the best cooling and functionality. We repair all the models and make them
from small-sized to big scales. We know everything about air conditioning services.

If you are looking for air conditioning Shropshire, then stag services can be your first choice.

Repairs and Callouts:

Our experienced team of engineers will take care of your air conditioning repair Shropshire services. Our experts will quickly respond to your calls and solve all your issues.

The issues we solve:

● Poor airflow
● Leaks
● Unit freezing up
● A unit that is noisier than usual
● Stale odors
● Units failing to work

Air conditioning repair Shropshire

What services we Offer

● Air conditioning Unit Installations
● Air conditioning Service
● Air conditioning Unit Repairs
● Domestic Air conditioning
● Commercial Air conditioning
● Heat reclaim ventilation
● Ductwork installations
● LEV inspections
● R22 replacement

Why choose our air conditioning repair services?

● Satisfaction guaranteed
● Prompt and flexible customer service.
● Delivering high quality on time
● Admired by our customers
● Professional experts
● Indeed best services, from start to finish.
● No hidden cost
● No unexpected expenses


For further queries, please contact us today and communicate with our engineers, who will be pleased to assist with your inquiries. You can also visit us on Facebook

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